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38. 4 Lessons from 2023 | Chris Dehner of Modern Travelworks

In this episode of Modern Travel Agent Podcast, I reflect on the top lessons I learned from 2023.
The things that worked last year weren’t necessarily the things that worked this year which means the things that worked this year won’t necessarily be the things that work next year. I’m setting aside 10% – 20% of my time next year to test and find next year’s thing.

However much time I’m focusing on cultivating and building relationships, I need to spend more time on it. Relationships are probably the single most important thing in this industry.

The challenges I face aren’t knowledge problems. They’re execution problems. I have to do a better job starting and a better job finishing. Less procrastinating, more starting. Less perfectionism, more finishing.

I have to continue to improve my process to stay organized and structured. Whether that’s using google sheets or an app like Sunsama, I have to make sure I’m tracking my projects and tasks so I know everything I need to accomplish and when I need to accomplish it by. That way, I’m able to hold myself accountable. Otherwise, deadlines come and go, and things get pushed back or delayed. In 2024, I’m focusing on hitting deadlines.

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