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21. Destination Weddings with Palladium Hotel Group | Daniela Ocampo Morales & Stefany Jones

On this episode of the Modern Travel Agent Podcast, I sit down with Daniela Ocampo Morales and Stefany Jones of Palladium Hotel Group. Daniela is Regional Weddings Sr Manager América, and she has 15 years of experience in the wedding industry. Stefany is the Director of Retail Affairs, and she has 18 years of experience at prominent travel providers with a focus on account management, marketing and business development. We discuss destination weddings, including some of the top wedding venues at their properties. We discuss wedding trends and how agents can better sell destination weddings, and we discuss Palladium Hotel Group’s wedding optimizer which is a great tool that enables agents to check wedding availability online in real-time.

Show Notes

  • This episode is sponsored by Palladium Hotel Group, a great travel-agent partner with beautiful resorts and hotels in Mexico, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Italy, and Spain. To learn more about how you, as a travel agent, can partner with Palladium Hotel Group to grow your business, please visit:

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